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8 April 1987
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Who else is love?
pseudomonas me scripsit anno 2005

Things Are Feeling Down, I know, Lost my Seat Again, Ill GO... Then I'll Go back In. push Him In The pillows, Then We'll Go back In. As The Spider Comes And Looks At mE like The Enemy, Take A Swallow, The Floors Are Dark And Cold. I Wonder, Im Hurting people In The better World. Throw me In Hot Water, Watch It Turn To black And blue. Living Life In The Rear View mirror. Hunger Like A Killers Wife. Then Do It Again. Lost In Translation. miles Away. Dating The Night, Have it Wrapped Around my Finger. Keep Your black Tongue. Ill rub That Cheap black Off Your Lips. Sweating In The Winter. Day Dreaming. Ill Set You On Fire, Then Set You Off. The Girl From Cell block Three. black Tears. The Girl That Tames The Tiger. Im Not Your Average Cat Lady. Feel free to add me to msn ajs_baby_tee@hotmail.com